Who We Work With

"The individuals we serve are devoted to their calling - they have a clear focus on what they want to achieve and they work toward it every day. Our purpose is to match that level of commitment within your financial life, so you can fully realize your vision for success."

Glenn MacLean

Investment Advisor

Business Owners

As an owner, you have a vision that drives you – but while your time and attention is focused on the business, often the financial component to that success starts to lack structure. By working with TD Specialists and coordinating with your own trusted professionals, we execute a disciplined process that helps align not only your investment strategy, but all the various components of your wealth, with your vision for success.

We work with business owners to provide:
  • Tax-efficiency strategies for wealth accumulation and cash flow
  • Risk management and diversifying your wealth
  • Business transitions and planning for succession


Retirement years are often as active and dynamic as your working years, which means wealth planning shouldn’t stop when you retire. Our approach to retirement wealth is about mitigating risk, adapting to changing priorities, and implementing a cash flow process that enables you to maintain your lifestyle while sustaining your wealth.

We work with retirees to provide:

  • Cash flow management and tax-efficient income generation
  • Mitigating both known and unknown risks, from market volatility to inflation
  • Strategies to preserve your wealth while meeting lifestyle needs
  • Defining your estate goals and building a legacy

Health Care Practitioners

You know your field, but if you’re running your own practice, you face many of the financial challenges of an entrepreneur with very little time to address them. In coordination with a network of TD Specialists, our team provides health care practitioners ongoing guidance through the process of incorporating your practice, building and maintaining your personal wealth, and planning the transition into retirement.

We work with doctors and other incorporated professionals to help:

  • Structure your wealth tax-efficiently
  • Implement insurance strategies and wealth preservation tactics
  • Strategies for maximizing your personal wealth for the long term
  • Planning for retirement and transitioning out of your practice