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72 Wealth Management

What's your obsession?

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“Inspired by the Rule of 72 investment formula, we chose to name our practice 72 Wealth Management. It speaks to the power of positive performance and the impact of compounding returns to build and sustain wealth. It defines who we are, how we work and it is what our clients have come to expect from each and every member of our team.”

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If there is one single feeling that can drive a person to accomplish great things in their lifetime, it’s a healthy obsession. When you’re obsessed with something you think about it every single day, and you work towards its achievement every single day…failure is never an option.

Our obsession is helping our clients identify their vision of success and delivering the results to help make it a reality. We recognize that each individual with whom we work has unique passions, experiences and circumstances. Our discovery process is powerful in its ability to understand what really drives the person beyond the numbers. Once a clear vision has been established, our highly customized wealth strategy ensures that the plan is locked in to help you realize your goals.

“My Dad knew I would work in the investment business from the time I was a teenager. I was relentless in uncovering what made the difference between those who achieved financial success and those who struggled. That passion has now given me the opportunity to help my clients and their families build and sustain wealth from generation to generation.”

Glenn MacLean, CIM®, FCSI® 
Investment Advisor
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Women Investors
As a proud father watching my daughter grow into a strong young woman, I have always emphasized to her how important it is to be confident in the pursuit of her life’s passion. One area where women have been ignored, disrespected and made to feel inadequate is in the area of money and investments. We are incredibly passionate about engaging and empowering women investors so that they can achieve what is most meaningful in their lives.
Our work with women includes:
• Investment advice aligned with your values and goals
• Financial literacy and tools to provide you with more control over your future
• Planning advice designed to provide for you and your family members

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
As an entrepreneur, you have a vision that drives you – but while your time and attention is focused on the business, often the financial component to that success starts to lack structure. By working with TD Specialists and coordinating with your own trusted professionals, we execute a disciplined process that helps align not only your investment strategy, but all the various components of your wealth, with your vision for success.
We work with business owners to provide:
• Tax-efficiency strategies for wealth accumulation and cash flow
• Risk management and diversifying your wealth
• Business transitions and planning for succession

Health Care Practitioners
You know your field, but if you’re running your own practice, you face many of the financial challenges of an entrepreneur with very little time to address them. In coordination with a network of TD Specialists, our team provides health care practitioners ongoing guidance through the process of incorporating your practice, building and maintaining your personal wealth, and planning the transition into retirement.
We work with doctors and other incorporated professionals to help:
• Structure your wealth tax-efficiently
• Implement protection strategies and wealth preservation tactics
• Planning for retirement and transitioning out of your practice

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Wealth with a purpose
Wealth management is not just about dealing with the money. It is also about helping people find one’s purpose, passing down important values to the next generation and ensuring that a sustainable strategy is in place.

Performance matters
We recognize that while there are many moving parts to your wealth, consistent performance is the engine that moves it all forward. Through a disciplined investment process, our mission is to protect and grow wealth for the families with whom we work across all market conditions.

Transparent communication
We believe our clients deserve an experience that clearly aligns with their values, objectives and preferences. Transparency in our communication is of paramount importance to our clients and helps us close the gap between your expectations and your results.

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Your success can’t be understood with just a set of numbers. Our discovery process harnesses the cutting-edge field of behavioural finance, which we use to understand your Financial DNA® and what influences your wealth decisions – including the factors, biases and communication performance keys unique to you.

You will receive a Financial DNA® Summary Report outlining the following:
• Personality type and profile description
• Top two behavioural factors and biases
• Performance strengths, struggles and communication preferences
• Unique financial planning insights based on your natural behaviour
• A risk propensity and risk tolerance scoreTD GMFR Web Headers9.jpg

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Around a core competency of investment and risk management expertise, we’ve built a program that coordinates the family office services needed to help protect your wealth.

STEP 1 Building Net Worth
Our team works together to help grow your net worth through innovative and disciplined investment strategies that align with your current lifestyle and needs.

STEP 2 Tax-Efficient Strategies
Working closely with you and your tax advisors, we create an integrated wealth strategy to help reduce tax exposure and keep income available when you need it.

STEP 3 Protecting What Matters
Through comprehensive risk strategies, connecting you with trust and estate specialists, and other risk mitigation practices, we focus on protecting the things you value at each life stage.

STEP 4 Leaving a Legacy
We collaborate with you and TD specialists to identify your top priorities, from estate planning and trusts to gifting and philanthropy. Our objective is to optimize the transfer of your wealth.

“Our family office experience starts with an informal conversation. During this time we discuss with the family their hopes, their dreams, their challenges and their commitment to a comprehensive plan. The families that have chosen to move forward with us become part of our extended family and together we strive to leave a lasting impact.”

Apira Vigneshwaran
Client Service Associate

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You can reach us at the number or email address below:

Tel: (514) 695-1243

72 Wealth Management is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


Branch Office: (855) 695-0464
Branch Fax: (514) 695-8545


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